Traffic Control (TCS)

Traffic Control (TCS)

It is designed to prevent collisions between workers and forklifts where the work environment provides little to no visibility to the driver. The cargo vehicle driving in the area will trigger warnings and signals in the objects where the PAS and AC-50 activators were installed, providing an automatic response and control in the shared area used by workers and vehicles.

  • Signal control and pedestrian/forklifts segregation systems are being of great benefit and the effects are very easily verifiable

  • Efficiency and problem-solving, the solution offers protection in spaces where incidents at work levels are high, and it eradicates human error in relation to such critical matters as warnings and intervention to avoid accidents

  • Install as many tags as possible, in parallel. This helps you to extend and customize the warning zone to match the desires of each customer and the needs of each work room

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The System

The TCS (Traffic Control System) is a solution used to distinguish forklifts from pedestrians in a common workspace.

It is designed to avoid collisions between freight and passenger carriers. Forklifts rotating throughout the workspace automatically trigger the previously installed warning and signalling elements at various points in this room. The framework provides automatic monitoring of operators and forklifts in the spaces shared.

The Function

The forklifts feature a PAS mechanism with an AC-50 Activator creating a field of radio frequency around it. Similarly, TZ2-Tag sensors are designed to track previously fitted vehicles at various points of the workspace. The vehicle and warehouse lighting alerts are triggered when a forklift reaches the safety zone identified by the TZ2-Tag, warning those in the vicinity of the vehicle's presence. At the same time, the machine switches the pedestrian traffic light to red automatically and closes the safety gate so that pedestrians can not cross. The traffic light only turns green when the vehicle exits the safety space and the gates opens.

The Application

The Traffic Control System is suitable for use in work areas with little to no visibility, for spaces with a lot of forklift and operator traffic, and forklift crossing sites. This is also used in factory areas, warehouses, loading docks, assembly lines and other manufacturing sites. Using the device to detect personal tags, it is accurate from the frontal and rear areas up to maximum distances of about 21 feet (from where the antennas are installed) and about 13.1 feet from the sides.

The Components

It is a very easy-to-install, robust system requiring only 

  • RFID activator
  • TZ2-Tag
  • control box 
  • Equipment such as beacons, gates, traffic lights or any other device you would like to integrate

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