Blind Spots (BS)

System created to diminish the risk of crashes between pedestrians and forklifts or other vehicles in poor visibility areas. The pedestrians and the forklift operators will carry tags which will release signals that will be detected by the traffic light. The traffic light will then indicate the right of way to either the pedestrian or forklift driver.

  • Minimizes collision risks between forklifts and pedestrians in areas with low visibility

  • Detection of trucks in the proximity of the traffic light

  • Easy installation & Durable and robust system components

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The System 

The Blind Spots (BS) solution is a system of traffic lights designed to indicate the right of way of drivers and pedestrians. It minimizes collision risks between forklifts and pedestrians in areas with low visibility.

The Function

All pedestrians and forklifts are fitted with a set of tags or transponders transmitting light signals that a traffic light detects. The traffic light when observed shows who will have the right of way.

The Application

  • Loading and unloading zones
  • Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts
  • Areas with high forklift traffic

The Components

  • RFID activator
  • Traffic light
  • Personal tag
  • Forklift tag

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