Carton Flow Shelves

Carton Flow Shelves

Using gravity in logistics and distribution requires experience, engineering and expertise, which we have gained over the years in thousands of flow storage installations. A proven solution for material handling and order processing for light loads is compact, flexible in use and easy to install. When it comes to the planning of commissioning lines, you can save time and space with Interroll Carton Flow Solutions. Time saving results from easy installation, but also during the operation, since the walking distance is reduced. Additionally, more articles can be picked from one rack in comparison to the picking process from pallet shelving.

  • Tool-free mounting, easy adjustments

  • Maintenance free

  • 30% faster assembly: Fewer parts to fix and clipless mounting.

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Carton Versi Flow

Picking goods is part of the daily routine in a warehouse. Various systems are available to simplify and optimize the job when it comes to goods of the same size. However, when cartons and containers of different sizes must be stored and picked, Carton Versi Flow is the best solution.

While the shelves are loaded on the feed side, goods are simultaneously removed on the output side. This assures an efficient and error-free picking process.  Carton Versi Flow guarantees quick access to the items and ergonomically improved storage and output of goods at operating temperatures between -30°C and +45°C.

Carton Versi Flow also fits perfectly into existing shelving systems: The continuous modules with aluminum brackets are compatible with all common rack crossbars and enable very high-density storage with up to 90 percent space utilization.

Carton Wheel Flow

With the availability of various unloading types, the Carton Wheel Flow bed has been designed in an ergonomic way to allow highest picking rates and a fast return on investment. It is a perfect solution for unit loads with flat and rigid bottoms. With the universal connector, the Carton Flow beds can be installed on most types of racking, regardless of the brand, even in tough conditions to -30° C.

With different variants of unloading methods—regular, 5°, 10° and 15°—the Carton Wheel Flow is the best way to increase your picking rate up to 150 picks per hour in a safe way. The rate can be increased up to 800 picks per hour when the Carton Wheel flow is combined with a pick-to-light system.

The new Carton Wheel Flow solution is available in various widths of up to 3,600 mm and depths of up to 4,552 mm for configurable versions and up to 10,336 mm for engineered solutions to meet all requirements of common racking systems. In addition, many options— like guides, back-stop for automatic loading method, breaking and loading plates and more—are available to fulfill your specific needs.

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