Tornado-Vertical Lift Modules

Tornado Automated Storage System

The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine is a dynamic storage and retrieval system that boosts handling efficiency by up to 65%, and increases floor space capacity by up to 70%. An ultra-fast, virtually noiseless, computer-controlled storage and transfer lift system, the TORNADO is designed to maximize storage on the smallest possible footprint. Using the goods to-person principle it cuts operator walking and waiting times, reduces search time and picking errors making it highly- efficient and energy-saving.

  • Maximizing vertical space in a minimum floor layout space

  • Easy and paperless order handling to optimise warehouse logistics

  • Save space, save time


The TORNADO UHD model uses a totally new way to determine independent safety zones inside the machine. The new roller guided compact load handling device, enables higher dynamic motion and tray switching at the opening without the need of an inner door.

Equipped with adaptable trays for additional efficiency

  • Additional openings on different floor levels
  • Fast tray switching on the UHD model
  • Up to 70% saving in floor space capacity
  • Up to 65% boost in handling efficiency
  • Fast and accurate picking with up to 99.9% stock-picking accuracy

Key advantages of TORNADO® UHD

Increased storage capacity

  • Lower lift casing and electrical cabin – wider range of movement
  • No space needed for buffering trays

Faster tray switching

  • Tray buffering with speed zones
  • Two tray locations in opening
  • No need for inner door

HOT, FTP and Mixed mode – all in one

  • HOT with 25mm increments

More speed with less noise

  • Servo motors instead of induction motor
  • Long lasting maintenance free roller guiding

Green technology

  • Near zero friction guidance – less energy needed
  • Energy recovery system as plug and play option

Better performance

  • TwinCat 3
  • 64bit Win10 LTSB

Industry 4.0

  • Native IoT


The TORNADO can operate in two different modes FTP and HOT. Both operation modes require different machine setups that are differing mainly with the quantity of tray supports inside and with the method of goods height measurement. Selecting of the operating mode should be carried out during the purchasing and installation. The operation mode can also be changed afterwards but normally requires purchasing of extra accessories.

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  • Each tray has it’s own location
  • Tray holders are installed based on that location
  • Tray is always returned to that place where it was taken from
  • Machine control systems checks the load height each time when returning the tray. If tray load height is changed, machine warns and allows user to correct the too high product
  • FTP is efficient and correct way of filling machines, we ”don’t store air”


  • Tray supports are installed close to each other
  • The Tornado control measures the load heights on the trays and stores trays to best possible locations to minimize storage space loss.
  • Trays change place inside machine
  • ”Lazy warehouse manager machines”
  • No need to define load height in advance
  • HOT is a good solution for example for production line, where product measures vary a lot and where is not meant to use the storage space optimally

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