Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP)

Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP)

Reliable and efficient handling of pallets plays an important role in the material flow. High-capacity storage that uses the least amount of space is not the only aim here. It is just as important to minimize the transportation times between goods receipt and goods issue or storage, or between production and picking areas in companies, and automate them for high efficiency – while at the same time benefiting from streamlined planning processes, a low installation workload and flexible design options. The New Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform MPP is a versatile solution for handling pallets. Combined with the company’s tried-and-tested flow storage solution, Interroll’s new pallet conveyor platform provides the ideal basis for creating comprehensive storage and conveyor solutions for all kinds of applications.

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Pallet Types

The MPP offers solutions for the most common pallet types on the market such as EURO EPAL, Industry, Closed Block, GMA, and Plastic EPAL.


MPP is scalable system. Its modular components are like pieces of a puzzle and can be combined in several different ways to build a multitude of conveying lines throughout a warehouse. At the same time, shall your business grow, it will be easy to modify the existing system and add more modules, stations and lines.


The MPP is extremely versatile: it is a combination of pallet conveyor modules (roller or chain conveyors) and specialty conveyors such as transfers, lifts, and turntables. Combined with proven Pallet Flow lanes it creates a fully integrated, robust, space- and energy-saving solution for the high-throughput handling of pallets. As far as loads, MPP can handle several different types of pallets up to 1250 kg/2755 lbs. One system for many applications.


It is easy and fast to design an MPP system, thanks to the CAD-based Layouter tool. Installation is quick due to the platform’s simple consistent design. This means big savings in engineering and commissioning costs for you.

Low Conveying Height

MPP’s lower than average conveying height makes it possible to load pallets on the conveyor with a manual lift truck: no need to add expensive lift modules means lower overall cost. Low conveying height also means, MPP can fit in tighter spaces and run underneath existing lines and racks easily compared with other pallet conveyors.

Durability and low maintenance

MPP is an automated conveyor system that’s extremely reliable, thanks to its proven, robust design and high-quality components. This ensures longevity and peace of mind, as well as low maintenance costs. The high-quality rollers helps you make your pallet loads more stable, thus reducing the number of potential jams in your system and increasing significantly the quality of your material flow, as well as the safety of your workers.

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