Fall Protection (FPS)

Fall Protection (FPS)

The Fall Protection System (FPS) avoids falling while operating in dangerous environments, but it is also responsible for stopping the operation of the system following the worker's fall, to avoid even greater risks.

  • Sensing a workers fall and stops machine

  • Easy to use and avoid false alarms

  • Usage in all types of dangerous environments

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The System

This is a retractable safety device that is attached to a fixed feature, and linked with a safety harness to the worker. When a fall happens, the harness tenses and the tension is sensed by the Fall Safety System.

This system is also responsible for transmitting the stop signal to the plant machinery, triggering a rapid halt to the machine's working.

The Function

The unit must be attached to the fixed mooring point, using the swivel bearing and the connector. The fixed clamping point must be placed above the user, to produce the desired effect of creating the sudden tension in the harness for the gravity force of the fall itself. Therefore, the link has to have a minimum static resistance of 12kN.
The shape and form of the fixed clamping point will serve to prevent automatic disconnection and slippage of the tool. The use of designated and approved fixed mooring points is recommended as per European standard EN795.

The Application 

  • Presses 
  • Crushers 
  • Compactors
  • Edge detection in pits

The Components

  • Anchor point
  • Fall protection device
  • Retractable steel cable
  • Safety harness

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