Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)

Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)

It is a system designed to warn forklift drivers when a human is nearby. It integrates RFID and electronic tags sensors. The distance can be adjusted from 3.2 to 21.3 feet depending on your requirements and needs. It works by alerting the forklift driver with flashing lights, vibrations and sound when a person carrying the electronic tag is within the chosen range.

  • Alerts Operators and Pedestrians, increases accident prevention levels in high-risk areas

  • Alerts provides greater care for visitors to your facility

  • Negotiate better insurance policies and achieve a reduction in the installments

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The System 

The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) is a system designed to alert forklift drivers when a pedestrian is detected at adjustable distances between 3.2 and 21 feet. It is a special device with the ability to differentiate between subjects and men. It even detects those operators behind a wall or a shelf!

The Function

Pedestrians bear Electronic Key Fobs (Tags). When the device already mounted in forklifts senses these, it warns the driver with warning light signals. This way the alert driver is conscious that there is a person near his / her area of work and can take the appropriate precautions afterwards.

The Application

The Pedestrian Warning System is suitable for use in industrial and manufacturing spaces and general loading and unloading areas. It is also suitable for use in low visibility areas where pedestrians and forklifts interact closely.

In general, it is a highly recommended method for spaces or work areas shared between forklifts and pedestrians such as production lines, where there is very little room for pedestrian and forklift traffic, and where extreme care and precautionary measures are necessary.

The Components

The PAS solution is sold as a kit, and installation is very simple. The solution consists of the units:

  1. T-10R TAG: This tag alerts the pedestrian by visual, audio and vibration if a forklift is in its proximity
  2. WIRELESS CHARGE STATION: charges 12 pedestrian tags
  3. ACTIVATOR RFID: To enhance their monitoring and recognition capabilities, the activator offers an immediate indication of the location and status of both an active T-10 tag and a localized TZ-tag. It creates a protective zone around it using low frequency signals
  4. TEST-TAG: integrated tool that ensures the system is working correctly
  5. VERIFICATION ANTENNA: designed to test and document the system's proper functioning

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