Visual Alerts (VAS)

Visual Alerts (VAS)

Our newest solution to inform workers or cargo vehicles alike in situations of danger by projecting signals or symbols on the floor. Some of the examples are: STOP signs, speed limits, no smoking, and cargo vehicle signs. There are two models of projectors: 50w and 120w. The lower watt projector is recommended for warehouses with low light, while the larger one is more suitable for warehouses with much more lighting.

  • Projections on the ground provide better visibility than those projected above, much better than the widely used mirrors

  • Signal on the ground it’s easier to capture a person’s attention. This person receives a much more direct and easier to detect warning

  • Image is easy to see, it doesn’t wear out, it can be turned on and off, the projected signs can be changed, the marks are very visible, and they attract a lot of attention

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The System

The Visual Warning System is an revolutionary technology that alerts pedestrians and/or forklifts by projecting on-the-ground signals in situations of danger. The Safety Warning Visualization solution is an revolutionary technology that alerts pedestrians and/or forklifts by projecting on-the-ground signals in situations of danger.

The Function

The projector has 1 to 3 color lenses and adjustable are the predicted symbols. A forklift sign, traffic signals, a STOP notice, a traffic crossing, a speed limit sign, a "no smoking" notice or a signal indicating that cell phone use is forbidden, among several other choices, are some examples of what can be expected.

The Application

This system is suitable for use in manufacturing environments as well as in blind spots in work environments in factories, distribution centers, production facilities, spaces dividing production facilities from offices, streets, and transport zones.

The Components

This device just includes placing the projector where we want the alarm signals to be placed. 

Note that two types of projectors are available: a 50w and a 120w. The 50w projector is suggested for low ambient light sites while the 120w is much more efficient and ideal for warehouses or manufacturing facilities with lots of lighting.

This device does require power - 110v plug or other types of plugs as needed.

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