Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is an effective way to gain efficiencies, cut costs and scale daily operations. Physical warehouse manpower is very costly and safety becomes a factor. The new technology driven warehouse automation software is low-cost, low-risk with a short ROI.

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Carton Flow Shelves

Compact, Flexible and Easy: the perfect Solution for Commissioning and Order Picking.

Tool-free mounting, easy adjustments

DC Platform

A unique choice of conveying solutions – from autonomous conveyors to tailor-made high-performance systems.


Control Cards

A proven solution for material handling and order processing for light loads is compact and flexible in use.

Drive Control-Interface for (1) EC5000 via digital I/O's

Drum Motors

Drum Motors need less than a quarter of the time required to suit a multi-component drive.


Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP)

Smart, economical, flexible. Interroll’s new generation conveyor modules

High throughput

High-Speed Mechanical Crossbelt Sorter

The most reliable High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter on the market: proven design with upgrades for more durability.


Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP)

Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform is a versatile solution for handling pallets: an ideal basis for your storage.


Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow with two different principles: LIFO & FIFO

High Throughput


The Sorter: a driving crossbelt carrier (by motion) is bringing goods to their intended destination.

Mechanical robustness

Tornado-Vertical Lift Modules

The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine is a dynamic storage and retrieval system.

Maximizing vertical space in a minimum floor layout space

Paternoster-Vertical Carousel

Vertical rotation to transport goods to the operator by the shortest possible route - ideal for simple manual operation.

Optional totes, bins or multi level carriers for small and large components increase storage flexibility

HOCA-Horizontal Carousel

Improve your efficiency of product storage and picking by the computer-controlled storage and transfer solution.

Dramatically increases storage capacity through optimal use of available room depth and low ceiling headroom

GMH Tower Storage Machines

Storage and handling of heavy goods- especially metal material but for intermediate volumes.

Designed and adapted for heavy goods, especially plate material and long bar stock.

Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)

System that warns forklift operators and pedestrian in the same zone by integrating RFID and electronic tag sensors

Alerts Operators and Pedestrians, increases accident prevention levels in high-risk areas

Traffic Control (TCS)

System regulating warehouse and floor traffic integrating gates, projectors, alert lights and sounder

Signal control and pedestrian/forklifts segregation systems are being of great benefit and the effects are very easily verifiable

Collision Avoidance (CAS)

System designed to assist forklift operators detecting other forklifts in the workplace and reduce collision risk

Reduces accidents in areas with high volume of forklift traffic

Pedestrian Crossing (PCS)

System that offers traffic lights to forklift drivers that warns them when there are pedestrians crossing

Minimizes risks resulting from collisions between forklifts and pedestrians in high-speed areas

Visual Alerts (VAS)

Informs  pedestrians and forklift operators in situations of dangers by projecting symbols on the floor

Projections on the ground provide better visibility than those projected above, much better than the widely used mirrors

Blind Spots (BS)

System created to diminish the risk of crashes between pedestrians and cargo vehicles in poor visibility areas

Minimizes collision risks between forklifts and pedestrians in areas with low visibility

Hazardous Area (HA)

System that automatically stops a machine from working when personnel with a safety tag is near the area

Quality of the system prevents false alarms from being generated, due to the regular adjustment of the antennas

Truck Docking (TDS)

System that warns the cargo vehicle driver of the presence of other staff at a loading dock

Safe and robust device elements

Fall Protection (FPS)

System that helps avoid falling when working in dangerous areas. May stop a machine’s operation after driver has fallen

Sensing a workers fall and stops machine

Low Speed Area (LSA)

The Low Speed Area solution (LSA) places a limit on the speed at which a forklift circulates through different areas.

Prevents accidents that result from forklifts speeding in areas shared by forklifts and working personnel.

Facility Management & Resident Engineers

Industrial Engineering Solutions can offer services such as providing qualified engineers stationed on a regular basis.

Plan Preventative Maintenance

We keep your facilities' machines in accordance with national standards.

Fan & Motor Reinstallation

Our expert team of engineers at Industrial Engineering Solutions can dismantle and reinstall heavy-duty fans and motors.

Conveyor Belt Repair

Our team is able to adjust tracking, remove pieces of belt to shorten or lengthen as well as vulcanise.

Control Upgrades

Action control upgrades to either your carousel, conveyor system, or mechanical handling system.

Conveyor Modifications

From inspection to installation, followed by service, we provide the peace of mind.

Warranty and Commissioning

We ensure all necessary permits, licenses and other compliance requirements are in place.

Machine Relocations

We undertake the smallest machine move to a complete site relocation

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