Collision Avoidance (CAS)

Collision Avoidance (CAS)

The CAS is designed to decrease accidents caused by crashes among forklifts. It is a support system for drivers as it informs them about the zone they are circulating, including other cargo vehicles and their range. The detection area is adjustable, and the range is up 131 feet. This makes the driver more aware of the zone and other objects and allows him to make safe decisions while driving.

  • Reduces accidents in areas with high volume of forklift traffic

  • Fast implementation & durable and robust components

  • Can be used in all types of industrial vehicles

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The System 

The CAS-G2 anti-collision forklift system is a modern technology in electronic protection arising from the evolution of Claitec's CAS (Collision Avoidance) program. This latest generation device alerts forklift drivers as it detects other loading vehicles in neighborhood and danger areas.

The CAS-G2 is designed to reduce workplace injuries caused by cargo vehicle collisions. As a driver support network it offers more information about the room they are traveling through.

It helps the person maneuvering the vehicle to know about the location of other forklifts while making driving decisions and bring them into the equation. The CAS-G2 is a device that supplements other instruments designed to improve workplace health.

The Application

The CAS-G2 system can be used in loading and unloading zones, low visibility spaces, pedestrian and forklift crossing sites, work spaces where pedestrians and loading vehicles intersect and high-intensity forklift traffic spaces. Ideal for warehouses, ports, manufacturing and factories.

The Function 

If a forklift has the CAS-G2 feature, it can detect other vehicles also equipped with the same unit. The detection zones are configurable, up to 40 meters in length. This ensures that even if a forklift passes through a blind spot or moves behind a shelf or a space that prevents it from being clearly seen, the device can sense its presence and alert drivers to approach so that they can take the measures that are required.

The Components

The CAS-G2 solution is sold as an easy-to-install package consisting of:

  • CAS-G2 Equipment
  • Positioning support components
  • A power and signal cable 
  • RGB light signal and an acoustic warning.

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